Where EDC is a Lifestyle, every day.

Men from different worlds with common interests:
Your right to protect you and yours. The mission to help our veteran brothers and sisters.

Style, Function, & Quality

At EveryDayCarryLIFE.com, we all have the same basic ideals about the equipment that we carry everyday.  When it comes to the gear we depend on, we want quality, dependability, function, and comfort - All at the same time!  While this is sometimes impossible to achieve, the products we sell here all have been tried and true, and we have no problem standing behind the quality 100%.  

Our T-shirt and apparel lines are designed with the EDC lifestyle in mind.  Those in the know may be aware you are into the #EDCLIFE,  but most will simply see you as another everyday Joe,  enjoying your day in comfort and style.

"Making sure that you have the right gear is essential.  But not as essential as having the proper training that will instill the skills you need to master, along with the proper mindset to be confident that you can actually use the gear and equipment when the time comes."
                                                                                                                                                            - Quentin 'Q' Carter

Helping Veterans

Part of our mission everyday is to be there and help our veteran communities. EveryDayCarryLIFE.com is committed to raise awareness through all of the outlets that we have access to. We MUST make a difference. We WILL make a difference.
— Kevin P. Reichard

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Some of the organizations we support include: