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Kevin ReichardComment

Parkland, FL, May 2017

A new series of video content designed to give "average joes" who choose to carry a legal firearm daily has launched from THE TACDADDY, LLC.  "Everyday Carry LIFE TIPS" will draw from years of EDC experience and a vast library of video content compiled from training classes and personal friends who have the know how and ability to communicate specific points about the lifestyle that includes carrying a weapon with you daily.

The short videos are easy to follow and get something from, regardless of your personal experience level.   

The first video in the series features Quentin Carter and Jared Ogden, Slow is smooth, smooth is fast:

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The TACDADDY, LLC. is a media content and distribution company that has produced content with an excess of 35M views and thousands of loyal followers and subscribers.  Other projects have included the INSPIRE Interview series, as well as Gun News Weekly, a live weekly show on air since 2012.