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EveryDayCarryLIFE.com - The why and who explained

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The TacDaddy, LLC Announces new E-commerce website   www.EveryDayCarryLIFE.com

New site promotes quality every day carry gear, with a focus on giving back to the veteran community and promoting safe responsible use of weapons with proper, ongoing training.


PARKLAND, FLMarch 1, 2016- The TacDaddy, LLC launches new e-commerce website,


The TacDaddy LLC is a media company that utilizes YouTube and other common social media platforms in order to promote partner brands and sales of product on e-commerce websites.


This new site is focused on the popularity of the “EVERY DAY CARRY / EDC” culture and movement, one that many are adopting across the country as today’s realities are sinking in.  Being prepared with the correct mindset and having the best gear that can be had are paramount now more than ever, and public perception is changing right in front of our eyes (see attached links for additional facts and support).

“There are over 13 million concealed handgun permits in the United States today.  We wanted to create a place that consumers can trust as the source for top quality, proven gear and products to assist them in making EDC a part of their everyday lifestyle” ," said Kevin Reichard Chairman and CEO. “We have the ability through our media company to be a part of the industry.  We have been doing “tech time” on our live weekly show for 3 years.  We attend the industry events and work with many of the best players in the industry.  Now, we want to share our picks as the best of the best, and provide timely delivery, great service, and prices that are unmatched.  We can do all of that and much more at EveryDayCarryLIFE.com”.


In addition to G-Shock, TASER, Kimber, Surefire, DPX gear, Tactical Walls, Gun Vault and others, the new site will feature several partnerships.    Other brands include the new NAVY SEAL owned Triumph Systems and Breakthrough out of Miami, Florida.


The t-shirt lineup on EveryDayCarryLIFE.com will feature many original designs, some utilizing well known memes and themes that those in the EDC community will truly appreciate.  Again, there is much more to the t-shirt story, EveryDayCarryLIFE.com has acquired exclusive rights from PURPLE HAZE PROPERTIES to create and distribute a series of exclusive deigns featuring the rock icon Jimi Hendrix.  


Every Day Carry Life also focuses on helping the veteran community worldwide, with 2 veterans on the board of directors for this project.  Gun News Weekly will utilize this platform in order to raise funds to support many of the causes they partner with, through promotions and sales such as last year’s Stop Soldier Suicide Giveaway, which raised $5,000.00 for the cause.   “Part of our mission everyday is to be there and help our veteran communities. EveryDayCarryLIFE.com is committed to raise awareness through all of the outlets that we have access to. We MUST make a difference. We WILL make a difference.” said Kevin Reichard.  


The TacDaddy LLC was founded in 2012 and works within the firearms industry to create content and awareness through online tools such as Youtube and other social media platforms.  The company features e-commerce websites, blogs, and on line video content - utilizing video production, live shows and a network of partners that include MotusWorld.com , Big 3 Media and many industry companies.


Supporting LINKS:

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