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THE VIEW vs. Concealed Carry on Campus

Kevin Reichard

Concealed carry has always been a subject of concern for gun owners and the general public. Let’s revisit this discussion on “The View” and examine how the issue has progressed.

A recent segment on “The View” had the ladies who host the show exposing their lack of research and knowledge again, this time it was the subject of concealed carry weapons being allowed on Texas Universities by legally concealed carry licensees. While we broke this down point by point on Gun News Weekly live a few weeks back, here are the nonsensical musings once again for your consideration.


We do want to give credit for the lone voice of reason, co- host Jedediah Bila. She was showing some common sense and obvious experience with guns in the past as she spoke on the concept of “gun free zones” in relation to mass shooting statistics. The others, however, need some education. Remember, this show rates well and has a loyal following daily!

Here is what they got wrong:

1. 1:02 “to get a gun license, you don’t have to actually learn how to shoot the gun”

NOT TRUE: here is a chart that shows the states that do not require live re training in ORANGE.


2. 1:35 “of 160 active shooter situations..... the FBI found only ONE case where an armed civilian intervened to stop an attack”

FALSE – we have cited dozens of stories on Gun News Weekly that have shown concealed permit holders ending a mass shooting within the past 20 years, as well as neutralizing literally hundreds of thousands of potentially deadly personal encounters annually.

3. 1:56 “statistically, you are more likely to kill another civilian or yourself with a gun”

WHAT?!?! So now Concealed carriers are the bad guys shooting other civilians and themselves? This is a made up “statistic” that once she says it, no one questions it because it SOUNDS like she previously supported it with facts, but did not! They do this all of the time on the VIEW...

4. 2:11 “the last thing you need in a dark theatre, with adrenaline pumping, is a bunch of people popping up (to shoot at the bad guy).... because when someone comes to save the day, who are they going to shoot at? Anyone with a gun” 


Remember, it's on YOU to take care of your security and protection, regardless what a sign says.  Get what you need to make a difference in your EDC today at EverydayCarryLIFE.com

Big 3 East Media Event Preview

Kevin ReichardComment

Many people in the media have heard about it, but what exactly is the Big 3 East Media Event all about?  Read on and discover what this important event in the gun industry has to offer the media, the manufacturers, and the public.

Big 3 East | 3 Big Days in the World of Firearms

Imagine for a moment that you wake up and find yourself at your very own private shot show. One where industry’s top manufacturers travel to see you and a select group of the nation’s best writers and online media gun websites and personalities. Just imagine, mingling among industry insiders in the Florida sunshine where all you have to worry about is showing up, learning about new products in the marketplace, and making sure that your trigger finger is more than ready to go for three days of shooting, education, and fun. I can tell you from first-hand experience that not only is this a reality, it’s just around the corner. The “Big 3 East” media event is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary this October. Allow me to tell you a little bit more about this event and then get you ready for the GunCarrier.com coverage coming October 4-6.

“Big 3 East” as it is known in the gun industry is the collective brainchild of David Fortier and Dillard CJ Johnson. While the event had roots in Kansas, over time the growth of the attendee list prompted many upgrades to the facility in Daytona.  Soon, the Big 3 Training facility in Florida became the perfect spot to hold the event bi-annually in March and October.

The event takes place at the Big 3 Training Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. This is one of the largest shooting facilities in the south-east United States. It features a long range tower and several ranges specifically designed to get the most out of your training day. They have a large hangar that serves as the stage for the presentations in this media event. The event is like no other in the industry. 30 to 40 of the firearms industry’s best companies feature their products during daily briefings. Some of the Big 3 regulars include Tactical Walls, GLOCK, WOLF ammo, Armalite, and Spike’s Tactical.

The ranges are well used during the event with hot and cold periods, which allows the media in attendance to interview and speak with the companies, as well as shoot their guns and demo their products.   Companies also receive valuable feedback, and at the same time, the company educates the media in attendance, up close and personal.

The days are long as not a minute is wasted. While at times the event feels like is a social event, business is the theme of the day. Media in attendance includes writers (both online and print), as well as Youtube personalities and the hosts from WeLikeShooting.   I’m even hearing rumors about Kris “Tanto” Paronto making a guest appearance this year.

The excitement level for this year is high as well as our expectations with many new companies attending and showing off their latest products. Pulse Marketing has teamed up with the Big 3 East media team and has developed a website that can be seen here: http://big3east.com.


Kevin ReichardComment

Parkland, FL, May 2017

A new series of video content designed to give "average joes" who choose to carry a legal firearm daily has launched from THE TACDADDY, LLC.  "Everyday Carry LIFE TIPS" will draw from years of EDC experience and a vast library of video content compiled from training classes and personal friends who have the know how and ability to communicate specific points about the lifestyle that includes carrying a weapon with you daily.

The short videos are easy to follow and get something from, regardless of your personal experience level.   

The first video in the series features Quentin Carter and Jared Ogden, Slow is smooth, smooth is fast:

For more information, subscribe to Kevin the TacDaddy on Youtube, and visit GunNewsWeekly.com today.


The TACDADDY, LLC. is a media content and distribution company that has produced content with an excess of 35M views and thousands of loyal followers and subscribers.  Other projects have included the INSPIRE Interview series, as well as Gun News Weekly, a live weekly show on air since 2012.

EveryDayCarryLIFE.com - The why and who explained

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The TacDaddy, LLC Announces new E-commerce website   www.EveryDayCarryLIFE.com

New site promotes quality every day carry gear, with a focus on giving back to the veteran community and promoting safe responsible use of weapons with proper, ongoing training.


PARKLAND, FLMarch 1, 2016- The TacDaddy, LLC launches new e-commerce website,


The TacDaddy LLC is a media company that utilizes YouTube and other common social media platforms in order to promote partner brands and sales of product on e-commerce websites.


This new site is focused on the popularity of the “EVERY DAY CARRY / EDC” culture and movement, one that many are adopting across the country as today’s realities are sinking in.  Being prepared with the correct mindset and having the best gear that can be had are paramount now more than ever, and public perception is changing right in front of our eyes (see attached links for additional facts and support).

“There are over 13 million concealed handgun permits in the United States today.  We wanted to create a place that consumers can trust as the source for top quality, proven gear and products to assist them in making EDC a part of their everyday lifestyle” ," said Kevin Reichard Chairman and CEO. “We have the ability through our media company to be a part of the industry.  We have been doing “tech time” on our live weekly show for 3 years.  We attend the industry events and work with many of the best players in the industry.  Now, we want to share our picks as the best of the best, and provide timely delivery, great service, and prices that are unmatched.  We can do all of that and much more at EveryDayCarryLIFE.com”.


In addition to G-Shock, TASER, Kimber, Surefire, DPX gear, Tactical Walls, Gun Vault and others, the new site will feature several partnerships.    Other brands include the new NAVY SEAL owned Triumph Systems and Breakthrough out of Miami, Florida.


The t-shirt lineup on EveryDayCarryLIFE.com will feature many original designs, some utilizing well known memes and themes that those in the EDC community will truly appreciate.  Again, there is much more to the t-shirt story, EveryDayCarryLIFE.com has acquired exclusive rights from PURPLE HAZE PROPERTIES to create and distribute a series of exclusive deigns featuring the rock icon Jimi Hendrix.  


Every Day Carry Life also focuses on helping the veteran community worldwide, with 2 veterans on the board of directors for this project.  Gun News Weekly will utilize this platform in order to raise funds to support many of the causes they partner with, through promotions and sales such as last year’s Stop Soldier Suicide Giveaway, which raised $5,000.00 for the cause.   “Part of our mission everyday is to be there and help our veteran communities. EveryDayCarryLIFE.com is committed to raise awareness through all of the outlets that we have access to. We MUST make a difference. We WILL make a difference.” said Kevin Reichard.  


The TacDaddy LLC was founded in 2012 and works within the firearms industry to create content and awareness through online tools such as Youtube and other social media platforms.  The company features e-commerce websites, blogs, and on line video content - utilizing video production, live shows and a network of partners that include MotusWorld.com , Big 3 Media and many industry companies.


Supporting LINKS:

Just today, this video link hit social media, it illustrates the concept of using defense in today’s society further:



The statistics are undeniable:



Kevin ReichardComment

Looking back on 2015, one of my most memorable weekends of training occurred in Daytona Beach at the Big 3 East Tactical Training Center while attending the MOTUS PAPM long-range precision 2 day class. I am constantly trying to improve as a shooter and I had heard about MOTUS before, so I decided to investigate. Once I found out that the guys at MOTUS would be bringing in a couple of “you cannot put these guys on film when you make your TacDaddy videos because they are real deal operators” kind of guys, I got excited. I’m not sure what it is about the “Secret Squirrel Instructor” mystique that makes me want to learn from guys like them – I have never served in the military and to think that I’m able to rub shoulders with these guys is never lost on me. When it comes to learning, you can not do better than get real world instruction from real world men who have been there, done that, and lived to tell you about it.

To top it all off, I got a call from my friend Ben “Mookie” Thomas and he informed me that not only was he going to the PAPM class, but to miss instruction from this specific “secret squirrel” would be a huge mistake! After some scheduling maneuvering, I was all set to attend. When I got to the class, I was lucky enough to have an additional instructor by my side. He’s another real world bad ass with unquestioned credentials – Quentin “Q” Carter. Q is my friend, a former scout sniper, and one of the instructors at Big 3 East. Earlier in the year, I had attended a long-range class taught by Q and I was pumped to follow-up that experience with another opportunity to shoot long-range with him again.

The facility for this outing was the Big 3 Training Center in Daytona Beach Florida and we all want to thank our host CJ Johnson, Ancel Robinson and the entire crew for what was an outstanding weekend. With classroom facilities, a bunk house and ranges to facilitate most types of shooting you’ll want to do, it is the premier facility in Florida and the Southeast.

My Rifle And Why

My rifle for this event was the Head Down Operator rifle chambered in 5.56 / .223. I dropped in my Geiselle SBA 2 stage trigger. I really love that 2 stage trigger. When you’re in the zone and truly focused on shooting long-range, the trigger is everything just before the shot. Getting comfortable with that and the wall of the second stage was paramount and I can’t say enough about those triggers from Geiselle. Other than that the rifle was stock from Head Down, with a 4x ACOG from Trijicon with a green chevron reticle affixed on the flattop rail.

I decided to forgo the “long-range” rifle for a few reasons. I had already used my .308 Model 11 from Savage and was fairly familiar with how it shot up to 500 yards. Secondly, I knew that Q was bringing a .308 semi auto from Head Down, and that there would be a few other rifles I could use if needed on site. Most importantly, I wanted to become proficient with the ACOG and that rifle up to 500 yards. I knew that I had it dialed in at ranges up to 300 yards, but wanted to see how far I could stretch it out, specifically to see if it was feasible as my “go to” rifle beyond that range.

My Gear

The one piece of new gear that I had with me specifically to test and use during this outing was the Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops Cargo Pack with hydration bladder. Thanks to my friends at Chase Tactical, I was able to procure a pair of these for personal use by Q and myself. See the video for the full review but let’s just say that it definitely served it’s purpose during the incredibly hot weekend we had here in Central Florida, I was soaked in sweat pretty much all day both days and hydration was a huge factor in keeping us all on point and as cool as possible.

Their Gear

One of the things that was amazing to me this during my first outing with MOTUS is this – these guys have every conceivable piece of gear that you could possibly want while at an event like this hanging out and shooting. They literally had it all: badass little chairs, shooting mats, and portable refrigeration units. I’ll be getting into the collection of firearms and optics in just a moment …

Classroom Instruction

Class was succinct and to the point. We focused on the basics…..no need to get into the coriolis effect quite yet. My major takeaway was paying closer attention to my body position. One of the key focus areas of instruction was the alignment of your body in relation to the rifle and the target. The difference here was that we spent time RELAXING our entire body prior to focusing on the next steps, aiming, breathing, trigger pull, follow through. I equate it to getting ready to shoot, then taking a mini nap, completely relaxing your entire body. After 10-20 seconds relaxing, lifting your head up to see if you are still properly aligned – that is a new technique that I will always use in the future. It is quite telling, your body tells you if you are correct every time. We covered the basics and followed a written manual to completion in the classroom, and after a brief break it was time to sight in our weapons. First from a bench at 25 yards, then prone at 100 yards … did I mention is was hot and steamy?!?!

Other Guy’s Guns

The other super cool aspect of a class like this for a regular guy like me is the collection of firearms that shows up. Everyone it seemed, had a bad ass .308 bolt gun – I’m talking about these guys prized possessions, their favorite long range rifles. Like many of you, I enjoy the mechanics and esthetics of firearms, and the array of awesomeness on our firing line was simply impressive.

After a break for lunch we headed down the range, and posted up at a 300 yard mark. Out of all the shooting that we did I must say that at the 300 yard range I was truly able to dial-in, get comfortable, and almost call my shots.

As late afternoon turned into early evening and the sun began to set we got in a good couple hours on the 2 tiered 400 yard platform. This was a lot of fun for several reasons. Ben showed us what the Spike’s Compensator rifle is capable of with iron sites at that distance. At this point, guys began sharing common interests of each other’s rifles, and many of us got a chance to try that rifle that we had been eyeing and or envying all day long.

Fun Stuff

While safety was paramount, don’t think we did not have a great time just being a group of guys hanging out. The MOTUS brand attracts winners from all walks of life, and it was cool to see and be a part of the fun. Talking smack and having a general great time is the norm with the group of guys I was shooting with. The gang from MOTUS seems to be a collection of real men capable of giving and taking good lighthearted jabs at each other – a great part of the weekend that I must tell you I truly enjoyed.

We had a great time at dinner in downtown Deland, Florida and while most of us ended up getting some good rest and sleep preparing for the next day, guys like Ben and Wes ended up shutting down some bar singing Sinatra and sipping who knows what until the wee hours of the morning (again, FUN was the #1 objective after hours, so boys will be boys).

Out To 600 Yards On Day 2

One of the Great features at Big 3 East is the long-range platform. This is a two-story multi person elevated platform and at the time we were shooting there the rage extended out to 650 yards. Large sand and dirt berms on both sides and the ability to put targets wherever and change them whenever on the fly as we were shooting is an awesome feature at Big 3 and the crew was there to get us set up per our needs. *important note, the range now stands at 800 yards

A major consideration for an event like this outside in Florida is the weather. The blazing sun directly on you over any period of time during the day is what truly drains you. Once again, the MOTUS guys came together and were prepared for this as well. As we pulled our trucks up to the big tower, we realized that some tarps would be handy. Next thing you know the sound of hammers erupted and BAM – we ended up shielding ourselves completely from the direct sunlight. As I said earlier, one the great features of the long-range set up at Big 3 is that you can literally set up targets at any range that you prefer and the great staff there would jump on the four wheelers and the next thing you knew you had fresh paint on the steel targets from shootsteel.com. We set up a series of targets and our “secret secret squirrel” created a logbook and “lazed” the target distances so we had the data handy. As shooting commenced, each two man team took turns shooting and spotting at various ranges.

Basics, Basics, and Basics

On the tower that day we focused first and foremost on the classroom discussions about the basics. Body position, rifle position, target acquisition, elements, breathing, relaxing, target acquisition, breathing, smooth, trigger pull, follow through. It was cool to hear the encouragement all around from the group of guys at this point. Quentin was invaluable. He gave me great advice and adjustments all day long. Achieving the long-range shot with the a ACOG optic was truly exhilarating, and I couldn’t have done it without him. The rest of the gang had a great time as well. While I did see a few equipment frustrations along the way, there was nothing that could not be fixed. The bottom line was this – by the end of day 2 of the PAPM class, I believe everyone would agree that they had achieved a significant level of improvement from just 48 hours earlier.


I can’t wait for the next firearms training experience with MOTUS and look forward to meeting you if you decide to join us for the first time. To all of my new friends from MOTUS that I know will be joining us again sometime, I look forward to another fantastic learning and brotherhood experience and can’t wait to see you again!

The videos below share some of the insights mentioned in this article, gear and gun reviews, plus the highlights and fun. You’ll also get to see some of the skills that we were able to acquire at the class put on by MOTUS. I encourage you to check out the highlight videos and the entire playlist listed here: